1963 The England team

1963 The England team
Information about the England squad and officials at the World tournament 1963
Information about the England squad and officials at the World tournament 1963

The programme from the first World Netball Tournament held at Eastbourne in 1963 had detailed information about the squad members from all the competing countries. Here you can see a picture of the players and read information about the whole squad. You will find some familiar names here.

The officials

Ellen Marsh – coach and AENA chairman

Mary Preston – umpire

Marion Wall – umpire

Rose Harris – delegate

Elsie Sanders – delegate and AENA Secretary

The players

Kathleen Bays – Goal Attack

Betty Burke – Goal Attack

Annette Cairncross – Goal Shooter

Margaret Eve – Centre

Blanche Fidler – Wing Defence

Jean Heath – Centre

Josephine Higgins – Goal Defence/Goal Keeper (Captain)

Valerie Hindmarsh –¬†Goal Shooter

Judith Iddon – Wing Attack

Patricia Spratt – Goal Keeper

Anne Stephenson – Goal Defence (Vice-Captain)

Jean Wells – Wing Attack

You can find out more about all the players and which teams they played for by viewing the team information image.

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  • Betty burke, mother so proud, what a strong woman who gave her whole life to the sport she loved xxx,x

    By Jeremy Burke (18/09/2016)
  • My Nana Betty R. I. P. This makes me so proud xx

    By Ashleigh Cameron (17/09/2016)
  • I was delighted to come across this page as I was a member of the Scottish Netball Team at the same time
    and played in the first World Tounament at Eastbourne in 1963.

    I played Goal Attack and Shooter and was up against some fairly tall English defenders. We had a wonderful time at this tournament and made many friends from around the world. If anyone remembers more about this time I’d love to hear from them.

    By Margaret Cameron( nee McCarthy) (04/06/2016)

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