1985 1st World Games at Crystal Palace, England

Kim Lambden defending the centre court
Helen Cadman shooting
Helen Cadman under pressure
Helen Cadman captures the ball
Kendra Lowe and Maggie Lewellen defending
England line up
1985 World Games Squad Back row - Helen Cadman, Dawn Lunn, Kendra Lowe, Kim Lambden, Maggie Lewellen, Joan Bryan, Ann West Front row - Maureen Lee, Sharon Bent, Ann Cush, Colette Thomson, Jillean Hipsey, Chris Warman, Sue Keal, Heather Crouch
Helen Cadman shooting
Maggie Lewellen feels the contact with Kendra Lowe defending
Joan Bryan shooting against Scotland
Brian Worrell
Kendra Lowe defending
Helen Cadman receiving the pass under pressure
Informal World Games Squad 1985
World Games large squad 1985
World Games large squad 1985
World Games selected Squad 1985 Back row - Ann West, Joan Bryan, Maggie Lewellen, Dawn Lunn, Helen Cadman, Kendra Lowe, Sharon Bent, Lorna Skinner. Front row - Heather Crouch, Ann Cush, Chris Warman, Sue Keal, Jillean Hipsey, Colette Thomson, Kim Lambden, Maureen Lee
GA - Chris Warman, circle front - Anne Cush
Kendra Lowe defending against New Zealand
Pat Taylor for England receiving an award

The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years by the International World Games Association under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. The World Games are staged over a period of 11 days, with approximately 30 official sports in the programme. They start with the Opening Ceremony and conclude with the Closing Ceremony. Their organisation is entrusted by the International World Games association to a Local Organising Committee formed by the host city and entities such as the regional and national governments, the National Olympic Committee and other sporting authorities.

Netball was included in the very first World Games in 1985, here in the UK at Crystal Palace.

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  • Thanks for the answer.
    I presume the same applied to 1989 and 1993,.although I notice there were also teams representing Scotland and Wales.( I am still trying to find any reference to those teams on relevant websites.)

    By Katharine Sinderson (14/07/2022)
  • Hi Catherine – I will see if I can find anything and get back to you.

    Kind regards – Joan

    By Joan Mills (18/07/2022)
  • Was the World Games team an England team or a Great Britain team, or was it an England team under a GB banner?

    By Katharine Sinderson (09/07/2022)
  • Hi Katharine – many thanks for your question. The 1985 World Games held at Crystal Palace was an England team but under the GB banner. The team consisted of :
    BENT, Sharon / BRYAN, Joan / CADMAN, Helen / CUSH, Anne / HIPSEY, Jillean (Capt) / KEAL, Sue / LAMBDEN, Kim / LEWELLEN, Maggie
    SLAWINSKI, Kendra / LUNN, Dawn / THOMSON, Colette / WARMAN, Chris

    Coach : Heather Crouch / Ann West (Manager) / Lorna Skinner (Physio) / Maureen Lee (Umpire)

    Hope that helps. Joan

    By Joan Mills (12/07/2022)

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