2019, June 14th, Legends Media call for NWC2019 in Liverpool, July 2019

Joyce Wheeler, player, captain, coach HLM
Anne Miles (left) player and captain, with Pat Meadows player and Pat Watson player, captain and coach.
Jillean Hipsey, player and captain.
Starting from the left and going round clockwise: Joyce Wheeler, Kendra Slawinski, Mary Beardwood, Lindsay Sartori (President), Phyllis Avery, Eunice Smith, Margaret Deighan, Anne Miles.
Left to right: Jo Kelly, International Umpire, Margaret Deighan, International Umpire, and Jillean Hipsey, player and captain.
Left to right: Kendra Slawinski, player and captain, Eunice Smith, player, Joyce Wheeler, player, umpire, coach, Anne Miles, player and captain.
Left to right: Jo Kelly, umpire, Lindsay Sartori, President, Margaret Deighan, umpire and Jillean Hipsey, player and captain, with Emma Fallows at the back.
Kendra Slawinski, player and captain.
Left to right: Pat Watson, player, Pat Harris, player (1963 1st WT), Phyllis Avery President and vice President
Margaret Deighan, umpire with Jillean Hipsey, player and captain.
Pat Harris (1963 1st WT) reminiscing with Phyllis Avery, President and vice President.
Jo Kelly and Margaret Deighan, International Umpires
Pat Harris (left) with Phyllis Avery and Pat Watson.
Pat Meadows (left) with Jillean Hipsey.
Lindsay Sartori being interviewed by GMSW (Give Me Sport Women).
Joyce Wheeler (left), with Anne Miles.
Great discussion between Anne Miles (left), Lindsay Sartori and Pat Watson.
Eunice Smith being interviewed by England Netball
Pat Harris and Lindsay Sartori share a moment.
Mary Beardwood, coach, and Lindsay Sartori.
The Media Call Legends. Back Row: Margaret Deighan, Jo Kelly, Pat Watson, Mary Beardwood, Jillean Hipsey, Pat Meadows, Kendra Slawinski. Lindsay Sartori. Front Row: Eunice Smith, Phyllis Avery, Pat Harris, Anne Miles, Joyce Wheeler.

In the run up to the World Cup in Liverpool in July, there was a lot of interest in previous World Cups (original called World Tournament then World Championships) and in particular the first held in Eastbourne in 1963, and players and officials who have participated in them.  A Media Call of these Legends was held in London on 14th June 2019 and the following photographs show many of those who could attend, including Pat Wells who participated in the 1963 First World Tournament in Eastbourne,  Sky TV interviewed several of those in attendance and the footage will be used at the Liverpool World Cup in July 2019, as well as reminisces captured by England Netball and GMSW (Give Me Sport Women)

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