2008 Ministerial support for Netball in 2012 Olympics

Here are two articles from the national press reporting Prime Minister support for Netball to be included in the 2012 Olympics.

Content from the Mirror Newspaper – 20/02/08

PM Gordon Brown wants Netball played at London 2012 Olympics.

Gordon Brown wants netball played at the 2012 London Olympics to entice more women and girls into sport.  The playground favourite would be a “wildcard” demonstration sport – and with our women’s team ranked third in the world, a medal on home turf would be a real possibility.

A senior government source said: “The Olympics can be crucial to encouraging participation in sport and netball will have great value as a game to encourage girls and woman to stay on and enjoy competitive exercise.“

The Premier’s proposal was welcomed by the England Netball group, who stressed tournaments could also be held for men.

One insider insisted: “Netball is a great sport where you have got to work as a team to score. And it’s not just for girls. It would be wonderful to see it included as an Olympic sport.”

Adding the game would also be a real crowd-pleaser as netball is massively popular in Australia and New Zealand and in Commonwealth countries such as Jamaica, as well as-in the UK.

Demonstration games were first introduced into the Olympics in 1900 when ballooning and lifesaving were staged at the Paris games. Medals are awarded but do not count towards the official games haul.

Handball was played in Finland in 1952 and roller hockey at Barcelona in 1992. There have been no

demo sports at the last three Olympics but China will showcase Wushu martial art in Beijing this year.


Content from Express 20/02/08

Gordon Brown Backs Olympic Netball

Gordon Brown backs netball for 2012.  The Prime Minister has called for netball to be included at the 2012 London.

Gordon Brown believes netball is the key to luring more women and girls into sport.  Netball is played in schools nationwide but the sport is not yet professional in England, despite its thriving

Superleague competition and national squad – ranked third in the world.

A spokeswoman for England Netball told

express.co.uk:  “We would be delighted to be included in the Olympics — not least as an opportunity for home nations to achieve a medal.

“lt is one of the great team sports played all over the world so sits highly with the Olympic ideals of equality and participation – giving women the chance to shine in the sporting arena.

It is understood that netball would feature as a wildcard demonstration sport.  These additions to the Olympic Games are commonly showcased by the host country to display the nation’s most popular sports.

Demonstration sports were officially introduced in 1912 Summer Olympics, when Sweden decided to include Glimea, traditional Scandinavian wrestling, in the program.

Since 1912 the “Olympics have displayed bowls, lifesaving, water skiing and Aussie rules football. In the 1948 London Olympics, men’s lacrosse was played.


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