1968 North of England in Jamaica

Brian Worrell

North of England Team. Back Row; Rose Foster (Lancs), Brenda Ansell (Capt & B'ham), Betty Galsworthy (Warks), Joyce James (Warks),Brenda Young (Warks), Celia Bland (Lancs). Front Row; Brenda Pashby (Lancs), Gerry Harper (N/land), Beryl Finney (Vice Capt & Lances), Pat Turner (Lancs).
Off duty
Frank & Glo Maiz
Very much on duty. North of England Team being introduced to Mr Curtis, General Manager West Indies Sugar Co, and Leila Robinson, Jamaican President.
North of England Team and officials in off-court uniforms
Gleaner Co Ltd
Gleaner Photo
Gleaner Photo

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  • How many of this team are still living?

    By Beryl Finney (08/10/2023)
  • Hi Beryl – a very good question – one I know very definitely is Betty Galsworth – with her only a couple of weeks ago. I hope others will come back and comment. Regards – Joan

    By Joan Mills (19/10/2023)

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