1979 National Clubs Tournament

Winners OPA Squad. Some more interesting names. GA Pat Meadows. C Sue Collins. GD Lesley Darby. GS Les Jones
Runners-up West Ham Squad. Some interesting names in this squad. Looks like Heather Crouch back row right and in the front row WA Linda Dyer and GD Gill White

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  • More names that you may remember ..
    Sue Collins OPA C
    Lesley Darby OPA GD
    Les Jones OPA GS

    By Linda Dyer (27/05/2019)
  • Many thanks Linda – much appreciated. Joan Mills

    By Joan Mills (27/05/2019)
  • GD is Gill White

    By Gill Alexander (25/05/2019)
  • Many thanks for the name Gill. Joan Mills

    By Joan Mills (26/05/2019)
  • Gill White GD

    By Gill Alexander (24/05/2019)

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